Joint Submission and Data Sharing Platform for New Chemical Substances

Sharing data and fees, reducing repeated animal tests and helping companies reduce new chemical substance registration costs in China.


SIEF originates from EU REACH’s Substance Information Exchange Forum, which aims to facilitate the exchange of information on available data between co-registrants of the same substance.

China MEE’s Order 12 (2020) requires that new chemical substances be registered before their manufacture or import. Article 12 encourages registrants to share new chemical substance registration data. Article 17 also says two or more registrants can apply for joint registration when registering the same chemical substance.

As the enforcement of MEE order 12 strengthens, many domestic and overseas companies are willing to comply with MEE order 12 but could not afford expensive test costs (up to millions of Yuan). Through China SIEF, a platform developed by CIRS, companies can significantly reduce registration costs in China by participating in joint submission and data sharing.

For example, assuming that the total costs of the registration of a high tonnage new substance is 3 million Yuan, the actual cost for each registrant will only be 1 million Yuan if there are 3 registrants participating in joint submission or data sharing.

Why Choose CIRS

CIRS has helped domestic and overseas companies complete hundreds of regular registrations of new chemical substances in China and is also the lead registrant for approximately 300 chemical substances under EU REACH regulation. We have had rich consortium management experience. According to your joint registration intention, we could help you contact domestic and overseas data holders to purchase data or contact potential registrant to form a joint submission consortium to carry out registration